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Whether you're new to art or want to slay that art history exam, we're here to help. Boundaryless Art is truly boundaryless. We discuss all areas of art so that you can throw down at trivia night or just impress your friends. Hang out with us long enough and you'll be the next art influencer.

What is Art?

Art is the ultimate flex of human creativity. It's all about expressing yourself in crazy cool ways through visuals, music, writing, or even performance. It's a mind-blowing experience that hits you in the feels, makes you think, and gives you a whole new vibe on life. Art is a fluid field with multiple genres. From dance to painting to storytelling to AI-generated art, there's a cultural activity or poetic aestic to please every person on earth.


Is music your thing? Love figure drawing? Are you a cinefile? Ever been called a gallery groupie? Fancy yoursel a theater buff? Love it! Go you. You're an artist or art lover. High five ✋


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